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There is no way you can have a really nice outfit without a really good pair of shoes to make you "pop"!!!!
Our feet take a great deal of punishment every day. They support our weight and carry us from place to place. We may wear shoes that are not right for the size and shape of our feet or for our activities. Many people do not give much thought to shoe selection. If you only consider style and not fit when buying shoes, you may invite problems with your feet.
sexy shoes
Here are 7 tips on selecting a really good pair of shoes to match your outfit and benefit you as an individual:  
  1. Test shoes by standing on one foot at a time. Wiggle your toes and stand on your tiptoes. Shoes should bend at the same place where your foot bends.
  2. Never buy a shoe thinking it needs to be stretched out or "broken in" before it is comfortable. Purchase a shoe that is comfortable right from the start.
  3. Be sure that you have one-half inch of space from the end of your big toe to the tip of the shoes.
  4. Make sure that the widest part of your foot comfortably fits the widest part of the shoe.
  5. Buy athletic and work shoes that meet the stability, support, protection, and cushioning requirements for what you do.
  6. Beware of high-heeled shoes. Women are at risk for developing a variety of foot and posture problems as a result of wearing high heels.
  7. Pick a shoe that will compliment the colors of your attire, always make sure that it is durable and can wear to more than one occasion. Would you really want a shoe that you spend a lump some on and you only wear it once? How often do you see ladies in the streets in some "flip flops" as they walk less than couple feet- it breaks apart?
It's a popular trend where people buy shoes smaller than their feet-walking and hopping (ladies), simply because they don't want their feet to look "BIG"? I know right? Simply stupidity.
<<<---How about women who tend to wear heels that are too high which makes then topple over, Men? Do you find that attractive or is it plain embarrassment?  
Really of a fact women should always wear comfortable shoes that helps with their posture, not shoes that will make them walk "weird"<<--that's not COOL!!!!! This goes for the men as well, although personally I have never seen a man who has a pair of shoe that's obvious the shoe does not fit his foot. WOMEN you need to be more PRECISE on your selection don't you think?

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Edz on Friday, May 6, 2011 1:57 PM
I agree women should follow "comfort over style" so they can walk comfortably, and after reaching home they won't have to sit in a hot bath to ease the pain of the shoe. It is a fact that some women develop problems overtime in the circulation of blood in their feet, due to the fact that they have always wear shoe that hurts them to the core! I think that they don't have to torture themselves to please friends or anyone else. They can be beautiful without putting themselves at risk for repercussions.
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best essay on Monday, May 20, 2013 4:01 AM
I have experienced that before and it was one of my worst days. I seriously wanted to go home and changed but time did not permit, so I had to go through the day with that BAD feeling.
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drury lane clinic on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 2:46 AM
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